Kiwi technology company partners with Global brand to deliver a New Zealand first for digital signage

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New Zealand based Labyrinth Solutions has teamed up with multinational electronics company LG to launch the first New Zealand-developed ‘system-on-chip’ (SOC) software for LG commercial signage screens...

Powered by Labyrinth Solutions’ unique content management platform, called Contegro, the new SOC media player supports more advanced digital signage applications including touch-screen window technology — all without the need for an external media player or PC. 

According to Vaughan Reed, Managing Director of Labyrinth Solutions, “Working on chip just makes sense. Many of the commercial digital signage displays that we see today rely on an external media player to work. Unfortunately, these players are usually the first component to fail.”

This new SOC media player is therefore considerably more reliable. It can also significantly reduce the acquisition cost for digital signage, especially when part of large-scale project consisting of numerous screens. 

“With many of these larger projects demanding a player-less option, it was important for us to meet the needs of the market by delivering a New Zealand developed solution that can be easily customised for Kiwi businesses.”, continues Reed. 

The build was approved by LG’s global headquarters in Singapore. 

“This is a great win for Labyrinth – to be the first New Zealand provider to have sign off from LG to say they have a content solution that will work with our SOC product,” says Sheldon Vibert, LG’s Business Solutions Manager NZ. 

“Kiwi businesses can finally get behind a New Zealand-made solution that offers local support. Labyrinth also have the flexibility to work alongside local businesses, helping them overcome any road blocks they may have, while delivering a customised content solution.” 

Labyrinth Solutions are always looking for ways to improve the way they do business and the services and products they offer. “We are currently working with LG to extend our SOC offering to include touch-screen capabilities” says Reed. “This will allow us to deliver our ‘through-glass touch window’ technology and other innovative touch-screen solutions without the need for an external media player.” 

Vilbert agrees, “Labyrinth’s unique touch-screen solution works really well and being able to offer this to New Zealand businesses is another important factor behind the LG and Labyrinth partnership.” 

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